The International Endodays Paris Meeting will be held at the

Imagine Institute

24 Boulevard du Montparnasse – 75015 Paris

The Imagine Institute is located in the heart of Paris, at a walking distance of several cultural attractions

Imagine is a research and innovative healthcare institute of a new type, bringing together researchers, doctors and patients, with a common goal: to cure genetic diseases.

The new Institute is housed in a 19,000 m2 building located on the campus of the Necker Enfants Malades Hospital, and brings together over 450 researchers, doctors and healthcare personnel, with an innovative vision: gathering all those concerned in the treatment of genetic diseases to create synergy that encourages transfer of knowledge, to speed up the discovery of new treatments and diagnoses to meet the expectations of the patients and their families.


metro-300x300 METRO (There are two Metro Stations) :

Duroc : Lines   Télécharger le plan Métro ligne 10 - PDF - Nouvelle fenêtre Télécharger le plan Métro ligne 13 - PDF - Nouvelle fenêtre
Falguière : Line  Télécharger le plan Métro ligne 12 - PDF - Nouvelle fenêtre

BusBUS (There are two Bus Stations):

Maine-Vaugirard : Bus Ligne 28 Ligne 82 Ligne 89  
Hôpital des Enfants Malades : Bus Ligne 39 Ligne 70